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** Please take note that all of the files listed here are the ones that are not yet mentioned on my other sections. The files/links that are already specified on my other sections will most probably no longer posted here.


=Highly Recommended Softwares=


This file enables u to view the folder size under windows! This file is very handy especially for those folks who have a small hard drive. I myself was able to free up around 1gb of HD space b'coz I was able to clean up folders with suspicious size. Left overs from already uninstalled programs was scattered inside My Documents folder!

Mozilla Firefox

Tired of getting pop-up ads and continously downloading critical updates with IE due to what seems to be a non-stop barrage of security holes being discovered? Then try this browser instead! It also features tabbed-browsing so opening multiple windows and make the taskbar getting cramped with windows a thing of the past!

Zoom Player

This program is IMO the best free alternative for WMP. It's extremely customizable, loads faster, and has support for VMR9 (that supports hardware color controls, better image quality due to more advanced image scalers, proper aspect ratio control etc).

Exact Audio Copy

This is the best ripper (cd-tracks to .wav) available to date! It is the only available ripper with advanced error correcting feature that rips even badly damaged cd's. Very useful if ur fave disc becomes badly damaged and non of ur cd-player wants to read it anymore, this software might just save its content. Best of all ... its free!


The thing that I used to love with ACDSee (fast and feature rich picture viewer) can now be found with this FREE software. Enjoy browsing thru your pics with a slim picture viewer that can also serve as a basic picture editing software!


This is the perfect replacement for winzip! Just like winzip, winrar compresses/decompresses files. BUT, if you use winrar's own extension to compress your file (.rar) it's at least 5-15% smaller than using .zip as your extension.


Works just like Microsoft's "Tweak UI", only better. This software contains tons of plug-ins to enhance your windows experience. It doesn't only contain plug-ins to enhance how windows looks, but also plug-ins to speed up windows and tweak it in almost every way possible!


This program lets u wipe out obsolete registry strings 'easily'! It is 'very' user-friendly, so u don't need to be an expert before using it! It is FREE as well! This version at least, the latest version is now called RegSupreme.


This program splits the file ur going to download into multiple pieces and download them all at the same time. That process is said to increase ur download speed. I tested this program myself and yes ... it does work! And unlike other download accelerator progs, this program doesn't kill your entire bandwidth while downloading a file.

Intel Systems Update

This is Intel's Systems Update for proper support on newer hardwares for better performance and/or stability. Make sure ur chipset is supported before downloading this file and to keep ur OS installation CD beside u cause it 'might' ask for it.

VIA Updates Download

For VIA motherboard owners, this is the place where u can find VIA driver updates, IDE, on-board sound/video etc downloads.


Limit's how much memory Window's will reserve for your disk cache (under Win98) and in return will give your games/softwares more memory to run with. It also reduces (if not totally remove) hard drive stutters. This is a must for gamers! It can also recover used RAM, limit icon cache etc. (to learn more about cacheman, proceed to my "memory tweaking guide" section)


DirectX.cpl <control panel extension> is a small file w/c adds a DX extension inside ur control panel and let's u toggle with settings that is not available with DirectX's DXdiag. This might fix sound stuttering problems with games and further pump ur D3D enabled games frame rate!


This program deletes all unwanted ad-wares, spywares, cookie trackers and/or counters (who wants 'em bdway?). But be informed that some programs will no longer function if their ad-ware progs have been removed (eg. Kazaa)

Pop-up Stopper

This freeware prog stops all those annoying pop-up windows that we experience while browsing the net. A must have unless you enjoy reading advertisements!


ZoneAlarm prevents hackers from invading ur computer. Pro version comes with cookie controller and ad-blocker! There are also a lot of other alternatives like NIS, Sygate, Trend, McAfee


Diskeeper defrags ur HD a lot quicker than any other progs out there. It also have this feature called "boot-time" defrag that moves some of ur system files (w/c most apps cannot move) before WinXP loads up! It doesn't have an option to select the file/s u want to move on the edge of ur HD like the other do though.


This program is able to capture anything that is in ur screen, might it be text, video, a d3d game etc. Really cool specially if ur into video-chatting (like me) and wants to save those web videos so u can view 'em up again when u want to. Or maybe u would like to give one of ur friends a preview of ur gaming skills via video clip? lol! And oh ... it can also record audio!

=Files for NVIDIA and ATI videocards=


This small tweaking program tweaks NVIDIA and ATi cards! It has a lot of options not available with detonator's control panel and is more stable (with my system at least) with most of other vidcard tweaking utility out there!


This tweaking utility works with almost all vidcards out in the market! I recommend this program for guys who have a dim monitor cause the program's "color correction" works with all apps!

=Files for Quake 3 Arena ver. 1.17=

Q3A Speed Dll's 1.17

This version 1.17 dll's are said to be faster than Quake 3's default dll's. Performance gain depends on what system Quake3 is installed on, but there were guys who told me that they got 15fps gain with these dll's! Unluckily, I only got 1fps increase lol. You need Q3 ver 1.17 patch for these Dll's to actually work.

Tweak Q3A

This small file will let you disable rocket/grenade launcher smoke trails, ability to reduce explosion duration, and some other stuffs to give your fps some boosts. For "Tweak Q3A's" settings, check out my "tweaking Q3A" section. (only works with Q3 version 1.17)

Weapon Mods

Flame On!!!

This .zip file contains two .pk3 files which will replace ur lightning gun with a flame thrower and ur old west looking shotgun to a more futuristic one!

Black Sky Mod

This add-on is going to turn your sky to an "all black" sky. Useful because the default fastsky color is white, a night (black) colored sky is much better looking IMO.

=Files for Unreal Tournament=

OGL Renderer

This is the latest (as of this moment) opengl raster for UT which not only improves performance but also drastically enhances how UT looks! No more blurry textures for UT! And if u wanna follow my UT tweaking guide, u MUST d/l this file :)

Suave mutator

A mutator which adds "ugh" sounds when players get hit (why doesn't UT have that anyway?!), adjusted strafe speed, weapons dips down a bit when u fall from high places or after jumping, and more! In short, this mutator makes UT a bit more realistic.

Matrix mutator

Remember that COOL Matrix bullet effects? You know, that slow motion, bullet trails everywhere and stuff?! How about a mutator for UT which exactly replicates those effects? Juz download the file man!

push timedemo

My very own timedemo, to be used for comparison purposes with my UT tweaking guide section. There are quite a lot of explosions and effects in this timedemo, even "high detail actors" which is often times not available on other timedemos is in here! Do check it out!

NASCAR Racing 4


push's fictional car

My very own NASCAR4 fictional car creation! It is sponsored by NVIDIA and is complete with the pit crews uniform. So if u want me to be a part of ur NASCAR4 opponents, then dl this file now!

Last Updated: (070801) with bigger, sharper and more detailed decals. Changed the number color, re-aligned some decals and added two new logos, namely the monte carlo and my very own Push Racing Team logo!

And it is also available and featured on the following site below:

Mason Motorsports

Last updated: 093004


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