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Wanna keep up with my latest tweaks and additions to my tweaking site? Then you should frequently visit this "Last Updated" section! Stay informed with the latest changes and additions with this section!

-Updated Samsung e730 review. All additional info was posted on the second page so if you have read it before I suggest that you give it another read.
-All Windows related tweak guides and (hardware/software) reviews are now listed in a single section named Windows Tweaking Guides and Reviews respectively.
-Site Updates section (this section) has now been renamed to "What's New?" for a more obvious description on what to expect on this page.
**You can expect some minor changes in my website for this coming weeks like: renaming of sections (if necessary), creating a single section for related categories, closing some sections that are no longer going to be updated, adding more pics, general clean-up (since i'm already starting to run out of space here), color adjustments on some sections etc etc. Please bear with me as I focus on those stuff first. Thank You!
-Cooling it Further, the supplement for my current Case Modding section is now up!
-Minor update of my FAQ's and STC's section.
-Updated My System Specs section!
-NVIDIA Videocards tweaking guide section is now available! A general tweaking guide for NVIDIA users.
-Updated FAQ's and STC's section!
-Updated Pushy's System Specs section!
-Added an "Updated Note" for my previous NVIDIA cards tweaking sections.
-Tech news updated with an additional AMD vs Intel article!
-Now that I have a job, I don't have much time to update my website. The only thing I was able to add here is my unplanned addition of a Computer Jargons section! It's not a bad idea IMO to add such a section in my website b'coz my site is pretty useless if most folks can't understand all the jargons i posts in here ... right?!
-My System Specs section has also received an update!
-My personal page link in my homepage is now fixed!
-Recommended Games section updated! Transferred Homeworld 2 review inside my Previous Recommends section and replaced it with my The Sims 2 review! Boxshots can now also be clicked, it will re-direct u to the game's official website wherein u will be able to view more screenshots, dl the demo, and get more info! Removed the "Games that might make it" list and renamed the "Games that almost made it" list into "Other Recommended Games"
-PC Protection and Maintenance section now has an additional info regarding IE's vulnerability with spywares. Step number 2, 7, and 9 under PC Maintenance has been updated with minor additional infos.
-Top DL section now contains "SHDireSizeColumn.dll" file!
-Rants section has been updated with 2 additional rants!
-FAQ's and STC's section updated with 2 new STC and 3 new FAQ's.
**VCD section is no longer going to be available. I changed my mind with the said section because there are already tons of guides already available on the net. I will however create a "Video Clean-up Guide" on my next update. More info inside my FAQ's and STC's section!
-Memory Tweaking and Case Mod & Cooling sections are now closed and will no longer be updated in the future.
-Section Titles are now yellow in color
-The ff section descriptions have been renamed into:
Memory Tweaking Guide = Win98/se Memory Tweaking
Unreal Tournament = Unreal Tournament Engine
UT 2003 Demo = UT 2003 Demo Engine
Quake 3 Arena = Quake 3 Arena Engine
-Tech News section updated (excuse the format arrangement, Tripod's builder have probs with url copied info's)
-Things To Do section updated! Added 1gb Free email account recommendations!
-PC Protection and Maintenance section updated! Posted my recommended AV and Firewall programs! Additional info on AV progs has been added as well!
-Help Push section now only have 2 questions on post
-Mozilla Firefox link is now inside my Top DL section!
-Besides the things updated that has already been mentioned on my main page ... I have updated my System Specs section and a 'lil update on my FAQ's and STC's section.
-FAQ's and STC's section updated! Added my future pc upgrade plan.
-Previous Recommends section is now available (can only be accessed via a link inside my Recommended Games section)
-Win2k section is now available! (still on the works though)
-Recommended Games section updated with a new Action genre winner. I also made a few adjustments with my ratings and added/removed some games on my games that almost and might make it list.
-My system specs section has been updated as well
-RegCleaner's free version is now available for download (since its been replaced with a prog called RegSupreme ... w/c isn't free)
-WinXP services recommendation is now more complete and easier to follow. Services that have the recommended default setting is no longer discussed to speed up ur tweaking time. Safer settings has also been added for better stability and compatibility.
-Additional rant regarding programmer's sloppy coding and Creative's driver support on older hardwares is now available.
-Added Rants section!
-Added an additional tech news!
-Added recommended Win2k drivers for GF4 Ti and added info on Starforce drivers inside GF4 Ti 4200 section!
-Minor Cacheman settings for WinXP changes under Dual Boot section!
-Additional info on disabling WinXP services under WinXP Pro section!
-Added games that almost and might make it list inside my Recommended Games section!
-Memory Tweaking guide updated! Chunk size and Unload Dll's settings and description has been updated. Plus Disk Cache settings that is/are similar as to what WinXP sets on typical occasions were applied.
-Updated Sound Quality section with instructions on how to fix sound stutters/clipping when using MAD plug-in for Winamp.
-FAQ's and STC section has been added! Here u will be able to view my answers to some of my visitors questions and my future plans on my website!
-Added spybot: search and destroy, eset nod32, and zoom player as my recommended bot remover, AV, and media player (respectively).
-Added my recommended driver version for win98/se and winxp for GF4 Ti 4200!
-Deleted "wanted" section
-Added more info on FAT32 and NTFS inside Dual Boot 98/XP section!
-Added my website's friendster account info inside Links section!
-Deleted myrealbox as one of my recommended email providers (they no longer accept new accounts ... not sure if its goin to be permanent though).
-Added 2 additional tech news!
-Updated my system specs section!
**I didn't continue on marking important notes out (using red colored fonts) due to time constraints. So please juz continue on reading my instructions carefully (for those sections that doesn't have the red colored important notes).
-Fixed Links section format (to fit with my tweaking site theme) and added multiple links on all sections (hardware, reviews, cracks etc).
-BIOS Part II is now closed to future updates.
-Added "workstation" and fixed "indexing" service info under WinXP Pro tweaking section!
-Removed ACDSee and replaced with Irfanview inside Top DL Section! I also removed 2 links for my Nascar Racing 4 fictional car. They no longer host N4 custom created cars =(
-Pushy's System Specs updated!
-Most links are now easier to get noticed, they are now blue in color.
-Important notices on my first few sections are now in red to help decrease tweaking errors! The rest of the sections will also have those red colored notices when I get the chance to update my site again.
-Additional tips added inside Misc. Stuffs section regarding Burning Speed and Photo Printers!
-Sound Quality section updated with Speaker Positioning tips and XMPlay config instructions! The things to look for in picking up the right speakers are now color yellow!
-Tech News section is now available!
-CachemanXP instructions is now posted under WinXP tweaking guide rather than the usual plainjane Cacheman!
-Removed "News" gif file on my main page, it can now be found inside my Tech News section! I have also updated my mainpage notice (can be found on the bottom most part of the page), "smallest" text size is now recommended when browsing my website especially at 800x600 or lower res. Other font sizes will make my fonts look too darn big!
-Steps in PC Protection and Maintenace are now color yellow
-Poll options updated. Added Tech News as an option along with Misc. Stuffs!
-Latest changes made under Updates on my mainpage is now red in color!
-Things To Do section has been posted!
-Memory Tweaking section updated! Posted instructions on how to limit Win98's memory to 512mb on system's with more than the said amount of RAM.
-Adjusted font colors, pic and text description on multiple sections.
-Pushy's System Specs section updated.
-Recommended Games section update on spelling, grammar, and minor review adjustments on NFSU.
-Added pics inside my Sound Quality and Misc. Stuffs sections!
-Removed Winamp 5 Beta inside my Misc. Stuffs section.
-Want to become a game reviews editor? Visit my "Wanted" section and/or email me for more info!
-New section called "Recommended Games" is now available!
-A new poll question has been posted!
-Previous poll results:
OS you're currently using
WinXP: 158 (35%)
Win98: 152 (35%)
Win2k: 69 (15%)
WinME: 51 (11%)
Others: 10 (2%)
Win95: 3
-Added 2 new MP3 Tips Q and A
-Updated Sound Quality section's recommended soundcards!
-Another font color/style/size and format adjustments for easier viewing!
-Added an additional Q and A inside SB Live and Audigy section!
-Homeworld 2 recommendation inside Misc. Stuffs section removed. Its review can now be found inside my new Recommended Games section!
-Updated my tweaking site description on my homepage.
-Updated download section with more recommended links/files plus a short note on top of the page. I also fixed/updated a couple of broken links and descriptions.
-Updated PC Protection and Maintenance section with a recommendation for a program that quickly defrags ur HD quicker than most progs.
-Added 3 additional tips inside my "Misc. Stuffs" section.
-Added my recommendation to use Omega Drivers on my GeForce sections.
-Added an additional note inside my Q3 and UT tweaking guides.
-Minor font color and style adjustments on some sections.
-Updated Misc. Stuffs sections with more tips and recommendations on diff products! Also updated Winamp 5 Beta's description.
-Added the info on EAX 4 drivers availability inside SB Live and Audigy section.
-Minor Update on EAX HD and EAX 4 support on SB Audigy cards inside Sound Quality section.
-Added a more effective way of defragging ur HD using a 3rd party software inside PC Protection and Maintenance section! (also added the info inside my Win98 and XP tweaking sections).
-Added Misc. Tips section!
-Fixed some minor wattage and freq. range issues/typos and added Control Panel tweaking instructions for WinXP users inside my Sound Quality section.
-Added an update note inside my GF4 Ti 4200 tweaking guide.
-More detailed specs inside my system specs section.
-Updated WinXP Pro section! Added additional info in Bootvis and fixed improper value settings for my pre-fetch registry hack tweak!
-Updated Dual Boot 98/XP section! Added a warning about deleting SP1's folder, updated Cacheman guide to 5.50 (two new tweaks available), added thumbnail settings recommendation for TweakUI!
-Updated WinXP Pro section with instructions on how to use "BootVis"!
-Updated Dual-Boot 98/XP with TweakUI tweaking tips and how to maximize viewing area when using IE6!
-Updated MP3 Tips section with an additional FAQ on how to easily mass rename mp3 files and edit ID3 tags!
-Added additional tweaks for Dual-Boot 98/XP guide (for WinXP). Tweaks like disabling of unused ports, saving disk space, cacheman 5.11 guide etc.
-Added "FAQ's" inside my live/audigy tweaking guide!
-Updated/added more FAQ's inside my MP3 Tips section! Also added a note that my recommended settings were only tested/recommended when using LAME enc.
-Added System Indexing tweak inside my Dual-boot 98/XP Section!
-Added info regarding the PCI Bus tweak settings reverting to default after reboot inside my Win98/se guide!
-New section SB Live and Audigy 1 available!
-Removed "Memturbo" info's inside my Memory Tweaking guide and adjusted the recommended Icon Cache from 300 down to 200. Also added a note of Cacheman's capability of tracking ur pagefile (etc.) usage.
-Added Icon Cache info and adjusted the recommended Cache size inside Win98/XP guide (for WinXP and Win98 respectively).
-Added additional tip for better HD performance when using 3rd party defragementers inside my PC Protection and Maintenance section!
-Added a note written in red characters inside my "Memory Tweaking Guide". Informing the readers that the Cacheman settings inside the said section is optimized for system the uses Win98 as a gaming AND application OS.
-Updated my Dual Boot section! Added compatibility info under WinXP.
-Updated my dl'able CDex recommended settings to be fully compatible with the latest non-beta 1.50 version! Also adjusted my recommended VBR min/max settings!
-Updated Top Downloads section! Added EAC and VIA website links!
-Updated Pushy's System Specs section!
-Added two additional steps on my PC Maintenace tips inside my PC Protection and Maintenance section!
-Updated Sound Quality Guide! Removed the note w/c indicated that directsound does not work with MAD plug-in. Plus a few other updates.
-Added the info for MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU owners that are having sound related probs (w/c is probably caused by the CPU Halt Detection feature of the latest 5.7 BIOS version) inside my BIOS Tweaking Guide Part II
-Updated WinXP related tips inside my Dual Boot 98/XP section. Added display properties tips. And instructions on how to delete previous/old system restore points while keeping the latest point intact.
-Cleared the "audio power" rating names inside my Audio Quality section. "total system power" is now called "total peak system power". And the RMS rating is also sometimes referred to as "Total Avg. System Power".
-Another Dual Boot 98/XP tweaking guide update! Added the "write caching on disk" tweak and note just in case XP's bug pops up after enabling the said tweak.
-Updated "Dual-Boot 98/XP guide. Cleared the low VM memory problem. It was only present with my system. ICQ was the one causing the problem.
-Updated "Pushy's System Specs"! Updated my processor and videocard clock settings as well as my 3dmark score. Also added my CPU temp so those folks who visits my "CPU Mod and Cooling" section can compare their temp with mine ... granted of course that their room temp is somewhere near mine.
-Updated "Memory Tweaking" section! Added a note to conserve more RAM.
-Updated "CPU Mod and Cooling" section! Added info/tip on cpu cooling softwares.
-Updated "PC Protection and Maintenace" guide! Read Cpu Maintenance Step 5 for more info.
-Added 2 more Q and A on my FAQ's inside my "MP3 Tips" section! Also updated my comments about WMP7's bass quality and Peak vs Average normalizing. Please read them for more info!
-Added my long time promised PC protection guide and added my PC maintenace routine as a bonus!
-Fixed rivatuner's broken link inside my download section.
-Adjusted font sizes on most of my sections for easier viewing.
-Updated my System Specs.
-Minimized the number of words to shorten my section link buttons.
-BIOS Tweaking Guide Part II: added mobo brand/model for comparison purposes
-Updated GF4 440 MX Tweaking for instructions on how to properly set Rivatuner RC 12's new options. Plus added a couple more info's. I recommend reading the entire section to be informed of all my updated infos.
-Unreal Tournament Demo Tweaking section closed for further updates. Reason posted underneath the page.
-Pushy's system specs section updated 
-Added BIOS Tweaking Guide Part II for newer released BIOS versions and/or systems.
-Clarified Memturbo's Async IO Buffers info and added a new guide to properly determine ur Disk Cache setting inside my Memory Tweaking Guide!
-Added more info on Rivatuner's settings and added tips/options for better graphics quality and performance trade-off!

-Deleted my message board link on my homepage and replaced it with my email addy.
-Updated my Win98/se tweaking guide section for the last time. I recommend that u read the said section from top to bottom and review ur settings 'coz they're just too many to mention here.
-BIOS tweaking guide closed and renamed to BIOS Tweaking Part I to give way for my soon to add Part II section for newer BIOS.
-Closed my GF2 MX tweaking guide and all of my 3 games tweaking guides.
-Pushy's System Specs section updated!
-Message Board permanently closed!
-Top Downloads section updated with new links!
-Updated my MP3 section with more FAQ's, better tips, and higher quality settings!
-Updated my GeForce section to keep up with the latest Rivatuner version.
-My System Specs, Links, and Top Downloads sections are updated as well!
-Updated my Memory Tweaking Guide for optimal disk cache settings for systems with 320mb or more RAM.

-Added o/c'ing tips for hard to overclock 'cheap' brand MX cards!

-GeForce2 MX Tweaking Guide updated! Removed the o/c'ing tip with the use of "Powerstrip". I recommend that u use either coolbits or rivatuner to o/c ur card instead.

-Download section updated!

-Memory Tweaking section now contains an updated version of Cacheman (ver. 5) tweaking guide!

-Updated Win98 tweaking guide with a new "quick reboot" tweak under the "Misc Tips" section. And I also adjusted the "contig file alloc" tweak values and instructions!

-Updated Win98 Tweaking Guide! Added control panel>"sounds" tweaking, disk cleanup guide, new misc tip: "clean ur registry", and a new recommended program!
-Added RegCleaner link inside my d/l section!

-Updated my Memory Tweaking Guide (Cacheman) section! Settings added for 320mb or more RAM systems.

-Fixed/added/removed diff kinds of stuff inside my Win98 Tweaking Guide (which is too many to mention here). I also re-arranged the page for easier navigation!

-Added GUI/game pics for my Memory and Q3 Tweaking Guide! (contents remained as it is)
-Added pics for my Win98 tweaking guide! Also added the command to disable windows splash screen at start-up in msdos.sys and descriptions for the other commands!

-NASCAR Racing 4 tweaking guide updated with pics to better guide you on tweaking ur game! Also adjusted the number of 'cars ahead' value.
-Pics are also now available for my UT Tweaking Guide! Fixed the LODBias description error as well.

-Added a news section in the main page!
-Added picture logos in each of my tweaking guide sections!

-Grand opening of my tweaking website w/c is now separated from my personal website!

-New Nascar Racing 4 Tweaking Guide!

-Final update for my NASCAR 4 fictional car
is now available inside my dl section!

-Added a new link inside my dl section!

-New Win98 tweak available!