FAQ's & Things To Come

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This section will list down the most FAQ's that I receive from folks who email me as well as my future plans for my website. There is however no guarantee that all my plans will push thru since my website gets harder and harder to manage and update everytime I add new stuffs.
=Soon To Come=
Video Clean-up Guide:
A guide focused on the non-pro video editors out there. This guide will explain how easy it is to clean up those pixelated and noisy videos that you have. It could be from an old source like a VHS captured video or a badly compressed video file. You name it, we'll fix it!
Things to Look For Section:
A section filled with random tips on the things that users must look for on hardware/software/games. This will help peeps to look on the right things than focusing on the wrong parts of the product. Example: when looking for an Antivirus program, the most important thing to look for IMO is the protection it provides and not the on-line update feature, small virus definition size, cool looking GUI, brand name etc etc.
Photo Printing Section:
This idea of starting a section w/c solely focuses on photo printing started when I posted my Photo Printers tip inside my Misc Stuffs section. The said section will discuss photo printing tips like how to properly calibrate ur monitor, creating ICC profiles, selecting proper printer settings (applies for Epson users only) and photo paper etc.
Due to the amount of time it will take me to research at test the said tweaks, u guys shouldn't expect the said section to come out anytime soon.
Q: Do you have any experience on using OS'es other than Windows?
A: No
Q: Are you good with programming languages like C++ etc?
A: I am an engineering student so my foundation with programming softwares other than Assembly is pretty weak. So to answer the question ... No.
Q: Do you have any plans of upgrading ur current system soon?
A: Just purchased a mid-end videocard (GF6600), PSU, and ASUS DVD-ROM, but I'm still currently aiming for a better and bigger HDD, DVD-writer, and faster/more RAM. Will take a few months before I will be able to purchase them all though.
Q: Can you post a Counter Strike tweaking guide?
A: I am not a fan of CS, I tried it but didn't enjoy playing it. So sadly, a CS
tweaking guide is not goin to happen.
Q: How about a Radeon tweaking guide?
A: I haven't had the opportunity of using an ATi card yet so I can't
start a tweaking guide for any ATi models as of the moment.
Q: So is ur Game Reviews website still goin to push through?
A: Not anymore
Q: How often do u update ur website?
A: My personal website gets rarely updated. While my Tweaking website (the one ur in right now) gets updated at least once every 2-3mos (when i'm extremely busy from work). The quickest will probably be 2 weeks after the last update.
Q: I have seen u installed different kinds of PC games already but how come ur not creating a new tweaking section for any of them?
A: Creating a new tweaking section is not all that easy, its pretty time consuming. Before I can come up with a new game tweaking section I have to do tons of experimentation, research, hacks, updates, tests (etc), after that I have to upload all those info's into my website. So I decided that a game should pass all the ff criterias below before I consider creating a tweaking section specifically for a said title:
-The game must be so popular that almost every single PC that passes its min required specs have it installed.
-The game must have a very tweakable engine and not just ur ordinary in-game low/med/high settings/options.
-The game must have the availability or ability to create ur own time demos.
-The game engine must be used by multiple games so that more gamers will benefit from the tweaks i posted.
Currently only Q3 and UT passed all the said criterias. Nascar Racing 4 on the other hand was created due to my surprise that I have discoverd a fix regarding the bugs that no one (at the time) seems to figure out how to fix.
Far Cry came pretty close to having its own tweaking section here even though it didn't pass all the said criteria, but mainly due to its overwhelming popularity. But I was quite disappointed on its engine b'coz as I've seen with different system configs, this game has a pretty crappy graphics engine. U can disagree with me all u want but for a game that requires a gigabyte of RAM just to run smooth with max details with a 3ghz system and a Radeon 9800 pro card is a joke for me. Switching between high, med, and even low (with its in-game graphics settings) is most of the time useless b'coz the performance increase is too slim, its almost non-existent especially if u only have a low-end card (unless again if u have a gb of RAM).
Q: I've seen your "Soon To Come" list for quite some time now. Are u still going to create those sections?
A: Well I'm all tied up from work. But my shift sched was recently adjusted for the better so I am now slowly going to revive my website. After finishing up my NVIDIA Videocard and Troubleshooting sections, I will be starting the "Things To Look For" section as well as update some of my currently posted sections.
Last Updated: 081705