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This section is different from my previous sections. Make it A LOT different b'coz instead of creating a thread to help u guys, this section is made so that my visitors can help me with my system probs! Yes u read it right! Not b'coz I have a tweaking website means I don't have probs with my own system ahehe!
If any of u guys have an idea on how to solve my problems listed below, please feel free to email me. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated. Email me here:

- I'm having probs using SB Audigy's Playcenter mp3/wma encoder. Everytime I encode files I end up with a mp3/wma that's filled with stutter and jitter probs. I'm using the latest/patched version and already tried all the possible configuration combination (digital, analog, w/ and w/o error correction) but still no luck. Any ideas?
-I'm having probs with my monitor (E70f) under WinXP. Everytime I reboot my system, there is a 40% chance that my monitor will lose its signal, it will then force me to turn it off then on again juz to have a display back on my monitor. I have already tried diff drivers for my monitor but still the problem exists. I'm not the only guy experiencing this though. Any ideas?
**That's all I could think of right now. Thank u for reading!