BIOS Tweaking Part I

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Instructions: Hit the "delete" OR "F1" key during system boot-up to enter the BIOS setup.

**This tweaking guide is based on Intel's 440BX chipset. So your BIOS might have more/less options.

*I'm going to keep this tweaking guide as simple and short as possible. And I'm ONLY going to be talking about the options/values that are going to affect your system's performance and speed.

=Advanced Menu=

CPU Speed:
Displays the speed your processor is currently running at. Setting this to "manual" will allow you to alter your "CPU Bus/Freq. Multiple" w/c is discussed below.

CPU Bus/Freq. Multiple:
When the above setting is set to "manual", you will be able to increase/decrease the values written here and in result will give you a different "CPU speed". I used this option to overclock my system :)

CPU Vcore:
(Default is 2.00V) Setting this higher 'might' help you overclock your system further but increase the risk of overheating your processor!

CPU Level 1 and 2 Cache:
Should be left "enabled" for better performance. Although I've heard of cases where disabling this gave them more speed, I still recommend enabling this since my system slowed down when I tried doing the same thing.

CPU Level 2 Cache ECC Check:
Better left enabled to let ur BIOS detect whether ur cache is ECC complaint or not.

=Chip Configuration=

SDRAM Configuration:
By SPD: will use the items default speed for balance between speed and stability.
User Define: will let you alter the next 3 available options.

The following options should be given a lower setting of "2" for faster performance. But if your system becomes unstable, try increasing their value to 3:
-SDRAM CAS Latency
-SDRAM RAS Precharge Time

DRAM Idle Timer:
Set this to 8T for better performance. If your system becomes unstable, set it back to 10T.

SDRAM MA Wait State:
Try setting this to "Fast", but if you system becomes unstable set it back to "normal".

Snoop Ahead and Host Bus Fast Data Ready:
Enable for better performance.

16/8 bit I/O Recovery Time:
Set this to 1 BUSCLK for better performance.

Graphics Aperture Size:
Give this setting half of whatever is the amount of your systems RAM. If ur games stutter, setting this to "32" might solve ur problem. If u want to experiment though, u can set this to "256" and see if ur games will perform better w/o having probs.
*Setting this to "16" will disable AGP.

Video Memory Cache Mode:
I recommend setting this to "UC" for better system stability, since the speed gain from setting this to "USWC" is very minimal. There are even cases where setting this option to USWC degraded performance. Although u are free to try setting this to USWC, u might have better luck with the said setting.

PCI 2.1 Support:
Set this to "enabled" for better PCI performance.

=Shadow Configuration=

Video ROM BIOS Shadow:
PC users with older video cards will benefit from setting this option to "enabled". While TNT owners or later released (newer) video card owners will have better performance disabling this.

=Boot Menu=

Plug and Play O/S:
Set this to "Yes"
<to let ur OS handle IRQ settings>

Quick Power On Self Test:
"enabled" for faster boot-up.

Boot Up Floppy Seek:
"disabled" for faster boot-up.

*Exit and Save Changes

Last Updated: 012201
=Closed to future updates=


***I will not be held responsible to any damage this tweaking guide might cause your system. Always list your default BIOS settings before changing anything so you can always revert back to your past settings in case something goes wrong!

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**Any errors/corrections, comments, and/or additions to my BIOS tweaking guide are welcome and will be greatly appreciated

*Email me if u have any comments and/or suggestions. Tnx!