Pushy's System Specs

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I'm giving you guys my FULL system specs for comparison purposes.


-AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Thoroughbred B (Stepping: AIUGB 0245)
-Task 945TX-DF 450w Metallic Blue Casing / Neon Blue Light Dual-Fan (Auto Fan Speed Control) PSU
-ATX Simbadda Blue and Gray Colored Casing (Self-Modded)
-Blue Cold Cathode Light
**Added 4 additional fans:
-2 Thermaltake Smart case fan <75.7CFM, 4800RPM, 80mm, w/ speed control via rotating knob or auto heat sensor> 
-2 generic quadled low RPM fan
-MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU <AMI BIOS updated to ver. 5.6>
Mobo Features:
 * Thermal Diode Support
* 8 USB Slots <4 USB ver. 1.1 and 4 USB ver. 2.0>
* Built-in RAID support
* Built-in Advance Logic 6.1 Digital Sound with EAX (18-bit)
* UDMA 133 support / AGP 4x / PCI 2.1
*Diagnostic LED indicators
*IrDA Infrared Module support
**My mobo pic is posted inside my "BIOS Tweaking Part II" guide.

-768mb 266mhz DDRAM (CAS 2.5-2-5-3)
-Inno3d GeForce 6600 AGP 256mb 
<currently using Forceware 77.72 drivers under Win2k/XP> 
-Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Expert Edition Capture Card (10bit decoder)
-Creative Soundblaster Audigy Soundcard (24bit; EAX 3 & 4)
-Yamaha 8x/8x/24x CD-Writer Drive CDW8824E <firmware 1a>
-Asus 16x E616P2 DVD-ROM Drive <firmware 1.08>
-Maxtor ATA133 40gb 7,200RPM
-Bluetooth 1.2 Dongle
-ViewSonic 17" E72f+SB Flat Monitor
-D-Link 56k V.92 modem <internal>
-Epson Stylus C63
-A4tech KL(S)-23mu silver/black keyboard
-Logitech MX700 Wireless Optical Mouse
-Power Tree 600Va UPS

View my rig pics here!

My CPU Temp

Default Clock Settings (28-35C Room Temp):
Lowest Recorded Idle Temp: 38C
Working with Windows Apps Temp: 41-46C
Highest Recorded Temp After Playing Games: 54C

Misc. Hardware

-HP 315 Photosmart Digital Camera <firmware updated>
-Sony Analog Videcam (used as a webcam via capture card)
-Logitech Rumblepad 2 (12 button / dual-analog stick gamepad)
-Altec Lansing ACS56 4.1 Speakers 70watts (w/ SPDIF Digital Input) <35watts satellite; 35watts subwoofer>
-MPIO 256mb flash based MP3/WMA/ASF player (FM/Voice recorder and direct encoding via digital input)
-Samsung E730 mobile phone
-Creative CB2460 Bluetooth Headset (for my mobile phone)
-A4tech HS-5P Headset 
-Pioneer SE-A80 Stereo Headphones
-Panasonic KX-FP80 Fax Machine


  • Yahoo Messenger
  • mIRC + MP3 Jukebox server script
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Chikka SMS


File Recovery

  • PC Inspector
  • Handy Recovery


Misc. Utilities

  • Agnitum Outpost Firewall
  • Ahead Nero
  • Alcohol 120%
  • CachemanXP
  • CursorXP
  • Windows Blinds
  • NOD32
  • Flashget
  • ISO Buster
  • BlueSoleil Bluetooth Software
  • Kaspersky Personal Antivirus
  • Ad-Aware
  • Firefox
  • Norton Systemworks
  • Sony-Ericsson Theme Creator
  • Spybot S&D
  • Switch Off
  • WinRAR
  • Perfectdisk
  • Regcleaner



  • CDex
  • dbPoweramp
  • Exact Audio Copy
  • Foobar 2000
  • MP3 Gain
  • Sound Forge
  • Tag & Rename



  • DivX
  • imTOO 3gp converter
  • PicVideo 3 (M-JPEG codec)
  • Quicktime
  • Real
  • Snag-It
  • TMPGenc
  • Ulead Videostudio
  • Windows Media Encoder
  • Winfast Multimedia Center
  • Zoom Player
  • Virtual Dub



  • Epson Photoquicker
  • Irfanview
  • Adobe Image Ready / Photoshop CS
  • Ulead GIF Animator
  • Acrobat Reader



  • Bittorrent
  • eMule
  • Kazaa Lite
  • Shareaza



  • Need for Speed - Most Wanted
  • NBA Live 2005


The Rest

  • MS Windows 2000 Pro (SP4)
  • MS Windows XP Pro (SP1 + all Critical Updates)
  • MS Office 2003
  • IE 6 (SP1)
  • Java

Total Number of MP3's

Approx: 10,100

System Performance

3dMark 2005 ver. 1.10 Pro = 2112
Settings: All tests enabled (except CPU test)
**Everything else is in default
Texture Format: High Performance
Texture Filtering: determined by application
**Everything else is in default
**Results will be updated after a few more tweaking (and/or possible overclocking). Doom 3 results (for OpenGL comparison) will be posted soon.

Last Updated: 072206
=Softwares list not updated=


*Going to be updated in case I have a hardware, software, and/or driver change. But won't affect the "last updated" date inside my homepage.
*Softwares/Games list will be updated every now and then. Its tough to update them since I have quite a lot of things installed in my system.