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Pushy's PC Tweaking Site

Welcome to my Personal Website!

This website contains my personal info, pics, computer created stuffs, a link to my software and hardware tweaking guides, file downloads and a lot more!

I know that by just looking at my site, it is obvious that I have very limited html knowledge. All I can say is soO0Ory! :)

So just roam around and I hope you find something here that interests you! Also, please sign my guestbook before you leave! I really enjoy reading comments from my visitors!

-Updated My Room Equipment section!
-About Pushy section received a minor update!
-Added an extra pic inside My Pics section!
-Updated my Room Equipment Pics!
-Added my new Desktop pic!
-Added an extra Baguio pic!
-Few minor font/pics style, format, and color adjustments.
-Baguio pics uploaded! More pics will be added soon!
-Updated my "About Pushy" and "My Pics" section!
-Minor webcam pic update inside My Pics section.
-Updated 2 of 3 pics inside My Room Equipment Pics section!
-Updated few of my personal info's inside About Pushy section!
-Added my WinXP theme inside my Desktop Theme Section!
-Yet another "My Girl" section update!
-Updated my Room Equipment Pics section!
-Updated my Yahoo Msgr. handle
-Additional pic posted inside "My Pets" section!
-Added new "ship ahoy" section!
-3 sections updated with newer/more pics!
-See "Site Updates" section for more info!

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