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Computer Artwork and Creations

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Here are some of my computer generated artwork and/or creations!

My very own logo. Created using Photoshop 5 and a little bit of my imagination!

This is the "Push Racing Team" logo/decal that I used with my fictional NASCAR Racing Team. Created using Photoshop 5 as usual!

Here's Metalmaxo's logo, created by ... who else? :) It's really simple but the guy told me that he wants to have a metal looking "Metalmaxo" logo, and so that I did!

This is my first and only custom created winamp skin! I created this one when I was still a total Photoshop newbie so quality isn't really good. Who are those two girls? It's a secret! ;)

This is my fictional "Push Racing Team" car that I created for NASCAR Racing 4. Created with the help of Photoshop 5 (again?!).


-The "Push" logo may be used by other webmasters as a banner/logo for "Push The Website" link.

-Push Racing Team is available for download inside Tweaking Guides/Downloads Section if you have NASCAR Racing 4.