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Hotel Veniz Pics

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=Hotel Veniz Pics=
5th floor terrace 180deg. view
Cafeteria and Hotel Room Pics
Stolen Shots
Peeps of Room 522

More Pics Will Be Uploaded Soon!
Last Updated: 030104

For those peeps who brought their camera (analog/film-based or digital) with them during the time of this fieldtrip and do not mind sharing them with me so I can add 'em here, please feel free to send 'em to me via email ( ) or lend 'em to me for a couple of days so i can scan 'em. I'm lookin for the bus and hotel veniz group pics. Any pic will do though, as long as its not yet posted here. Tnx!
I was forced to divide my Baguio pics into two separate sections to help reduce the loading time per section. The pics here compared to my other sections is a lot bigger in terms of filesize and resolution.
My future picture gallery sections will have the same PIP (picture-in-picture) style like the ones u see here. Its something that I experimented using Photoshop 7, and it looks pretty kewl ... right? I'm happy with the way it looks, so I'm goin to stick with this style. It reduces the number of pics per section and at the same time reduces the loading time per page! If only I have tons of time, I'll probably turn all my pic galleries to look like this section. But I don't ... so ... sorry =)