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My Desktop Theme

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This is currently what my WinXP desktop looks like. The only thing that I changed here is my wallpaper. I juz used Winamp's latest version along with its opacity feature to make my desktop look a tad cooler and selected its popcorn color theme to match my wallpaper.
This is what my previous WinXP desktop looks like. Nothing fancy or anything, the only diff from the default WinXP theme is the silver color of taskbar etc ... and the wallpaper I made from scratch using Photoshop. If ur goin' to ask who's the girl on my wallpaper ... then I guess ur new here *lol*


This is what my past Win98se desktop themes looks like. I just made it look like WinXP ahehe! Check the start-menu bar, notice anything different besides the icons?
This is my updated desktop! Broke free from the over decorated wallpaper look. I'm now using a much simplier but sexier wallpaper! ahaha! "My Computer" and ICQ skins remained the same (so I no longer opened 'em here). The only things that changed is my Winamp skin, Wallpaper, and my taskbar shortcuts (among other things).
My past and very first shot on customizing my very own desktop!


***Pics appear blurry and washed-out due to JPEG compression.
**Screenshot original size is 1024x768 ... resized to 640x480 for faster page loading.
*I used Winboost 2001 to customize my start menu icons. As for the rest ... I used my imagination =)