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Ship Ahoy

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My dad came back home from work a few months ago. It was his first time to arrive back here in our country wherein his (and his co-workers) family will have a chance to ride and have a tour (well sorta) aboard their huge ship ... and I really mean huge! Its more or less 15 storey tall when compared to a building. Here are some of the pics I took, hope you like 'em!

I'm not sure what that structure is called. But inside that is where all the rooms are located. And that is where we're headin'!
Room 402! Yeah this is my dads room alright! Just making sure before we enter the room and play around taking pictures haha!
When we went in his room, his luggage are already prepared and ready to go. But we still have to wait for about 4 more hours before the job/work hand-over. Wherein those folks who's going home have to give the newcomers a tour around the ship and tell 'em what to do etc!
Ok so we thought to ourselves ... "wow 4 hrs ... that is a lot of time ... lets start takin' pics"!
(from left-to-right: my mom, wife of my mom's friend and her mom)
My turn to be part of the pic now. Our friends already left the room so i decided to set the camera's timer and place it somewhere. The end result looks pretty good don't ya think?
Okay my mom posing in front of my dad's room!
...and now on my dads bed!
"Ey that's two in a row! Make room for me! I want to be apart of this next pic!"

After 4 hours we're off headin' back to the end of the ship. And my mom suddenly remembered that my dad doesn't have a pic yet so ... *click!*


Here's a pic a  few feet away from that steep ladder going down the smaller ships below to take us back the pier. I wasn't able to take pics while going down 'coz the ladder isn't something u can call "stable". I might drop the camera down the sea and get killed going back home wahehe!