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My Friends Homepage/Website:


This is my good mate's personal website. Tons of things to check out in here like Markus's artworks, guitar tabs, pics, band links and more! Very well worth the visit so do check it out!

This is Iris Joy's very own personal website! It looks pretty darn good!

This is Estacado's "Slipknot Fansite"! Looks pretty cool, so please do visit!

Maxo's homepage is filled with FREE games, emulators, softwares (etc)! Well worth the visit!

Chenes World
Jane's Personal Website! Tons of good info and pics to view here! Better click that link now 'coz its really well worth the visit!
Abby's Slambook
Abby's Slambook is my cousin's website. Click on it or die!

Precious' Website
This website is from an old friend of mine, Precious. Check it out!

J-Bo Online
J-bo is one of my forum mate inside "3dfiles" (which is already dead today). His website have stuffs like fonts, wallpapers and more! So what are you waiting for?!

Q-Fraggel's O-maps
Q-Fraggel's personal and Quake map creations page! One of his excellent map called "Kristall Keep" is ready for dl here so press the darn link!

Cyphus' Files Site
A file downloads site with benchmarking programs, drivers, demos, etc. Worth the look so do check it out!

This site contains this description besides its logo: "Your practical source about computing and the internet". All I can say is ... Amen!

Remy's Zone

Remy's personal website that is full of interesting stuffs like jokes, links to her fave band/artist, etc. Go ahead, visit her site!


-Please report if there's any broken link.