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Welcome to my Website

This is my first shot in trying to create my very own website. It's a very simple website which contains information about this guy called pushy, his interests/hobbies, and some few things about my girlfriend Louella. I have created this entire site with ZERO HTML knowledge <obviously>, that's why it looks pretty darn basic.

I have also included, and goin to be continously updating my "tweaking guides" to help increase the speed of your PC and/or Games. Currently I have 3 tweaking guides, namely Windows 98, Quake3 Arena, and how to properly set-up Cacheman.

I have included a pushy's poll for vote casting. And a message board for those who have already signed my guestbook and still have some more comments, requests, questions and/or ideas to share with other visitors here.

Downloads are also available for everyone to enjoy. Complete with descriptions to help you decide whether you should download the file or not.

I know those other stuffs shouldn't be part of a "personal website", but since computer is a part of my interests, I juz included it here so you wouldn't have to click a link anymore juz to enter my "comp geeks site" (for example). Besides, this is much easier to do, I'm lazy you know! Ahehe!

Hope you're going to enjoy your stay here, so juz look around and see if there's anything here that will interest you.

Please sign my guestbook before you leave.
Tnx a lot for checking my site out!!!

-poll started: 101100-

-my opinion/answer to this question is posted inside my message board.

-pls. register if u want to further discuss it with me and/or with my other visitors.


BIOS Tweaking Guide!



-HOMEWORLD CATACLYSM pics now available! tell me what u think about its graphics ok?!!

-now u can access my site using this shorter address
and access my message board with this add
my old address still works though

-Past Poll Results: Do You Believe in God?
"Absolutely" got the highest rank of 53%!
followed by "No" 20%.
*got a total of 43 votes
-changed my guestbook's colors

-updated my tweaking guides!
win98 --> VM issues and settings.
cacheman --> directory and name cache settings explanation.
q3A --> fps guidelines and explanation.

-for those of u who has some questions, comments, and/or simply juz wanna chat with me ... pls feel free to join my message board

-a pic of me with my gf louella is now available! check it out inside "pushy and louella" section! more pics are going to be available soon!

-pushy and louella's first anniversary!

-pushy's website now advertised in YEHEY.COM and YAHOO.COM!!!

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pushy isn't feelin good right now ... to be exact ... he's not well at all ... I have a heart prob ... not love prob ok?! ahehehe! ..... BIOS tweaking guide soon! ..... hmmm ... currently running out of ideas ... wut else ... ummmm ... any suggestions? post it inside my message board ok?!