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My Friends Homepage/Website:

Abby's Slambook is my cousin's website. Click on it or die!

This website is from an old friend of mine, Precious. Check it out!

This website is made by my good mate, Andie. Complete with pics so please do visit her site!

J-bo is one of my forum mate inside '3dfiles'. His website has dl stuffs, band links and more! So what are you waiting for?!

Q-Fraggel's personal and Quake map creations page! An excellent map called "Kristall Keep" is ready for dl here so press the darn link!

A downloads site with benchmarking programs, drivers, demos, etc. Worth the look so do check it out!

Rachel's personal website! Check out her pics, they are pretty interesting :)

This site contains this description besides its logo: "Your practical source about computing and the internet". All I can say is ... Amen!

Kimberlee's personal site! Personal info, japanese anime, and personal photos are juz some of the stuff her site has to offer! Visit her now!

I really can't put my finger on to what this site tries to offer. But I'm pretty sure this site was made with Quake players in mind!

Computer Related Forums:

For Hardware Troubleshooting, Software Problems, and Tweaking:

For Hardware Drivers Question, Tips, and Tweaking:

Text Messaging, and Cellphone Related Forums/News:

Quios is a web-based text messaging website with some neat features like the "quios remote". You can add it to your website or homepage (if you have one) so your site visitors can send you text messages for free!

Very much like Quios but Unimobile has a dl program that you can launch everytime you log in to the net! Works juz like ICQ, you should try it!

This is a "filipino" website which offers a cool forum for cellular owners to discuss ... what else? News, celfone codes and tricks are also available!

Recommended Game Reviews Site:

A games reviews website for PC, PS, DC, etc. owners! Complete with dl's, cheats, and all those other neat stuffs that a gamer is looking for in a website!

PC Gamer is very much like Gamespot's website. Only difference is that PC Gamer only focuses on PC games.

For Game Cracks, Cheats, and Emulators:

This site has "crack" files for almost every game that you might have. Emulators, cheats and tricks for PC/Console games are also available!

MP3 Download Sites:

For all your MP3 music cravings, these are my recommended mp3 download sites:


*Please contact me and report if there's any broken links.