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Website History

Website History

Wondering when or what I have added/edited these past couple of days? Check 'em out here!


10/24/00 - removed "cpu idle" link and uploaded "rain 2.0" inside my "top 10 dowloads" section.
- added "beseen's" page-hit counter.

10/22/00 - updated "Q3A tweaking" guide and added a "last updated" line.

10/18/00 - updated "links" section

10/17/00 - cataclysm <and future pics> will/now carry my new/shorter web address

10/10/00 - juz saw a missing cvar setting inside my Q3A tweaking guide! juz finished adding it -- "explosionDuration"

10/09/00 - added message board "rules/instructions" section.
- animation addition/changes.

10/08/00 - major font changes
- some minor color changes/enhancements.
- updated my tnt2 ultra driver version.

10/04/00 - added "cyphus' files site" inside my "links" section.
- "links" section 'looks' update.
- reduced poll width.
- date stamps added in my "news" section.

10/03/00 - "about pushy" and "about louella" section has merged.
-new instruction added inside "tweaking Q3A" section for the "tweak Q3A" tweaking guide.
-an additional "important" note is added inside my "contact pushy" section for my celfone remote users.

9/30/00 - added "q-fraggel's q-maps" inside my "links" section.

9/28/00 - have done a lot of minor fixes, changes, and updates. juz too many to mention.

9/27/00 - updated my cacheman tweaking guide with better settings!

9/26/00 - removed "pushy's q3config" file from downloads section and replaced with "lvl's" website link for map dl's.
- added another link

9/25/00 - new links available
- re-arranged my "Quake3 tweaking" section for easier viewing and added my new "Tweak Q3A" file tweaking guide!

9/21/00 - added more/new pics and descriptions inside "pushy's pc games" section. Increased jpeg compression for faster picture loading!

9/19/00 - added "instructions" for using my celfone remote.
- revised my "cacheman" description inside "top 10 downloads" section.

9/16/00 - uploaded new pics for "NFS4" and added replay files for d/l.

9/15/00 - re-arranged "top 10 downloads" section and added "pushy's q3config" file.
- renamed "email/txt message me" to a shorter "contact pushy" section.
- added "pushy's pc games" section

9/11/00 - message board is up and runnin' again!
- added text messaging remote.
- links and contact me section is now separated

9/05/00 - changed "top 5 for gamers" section to "top 5 for Q3A gamers".
- removed "cd-boost" file and replaced it with "tweaked" file for Q3A.

9/04/00 - changed a LOT of stuffs! colors, text wrapping, positions, etc...

9/03/00 - changed "under construction", "top 10", "email", and "history" animation with sumthing better
- Removed "my system specs" area (transferred to all of my tweak guides instead), and "sane poll"
- moved "history" and "guestbook" to their own areas
- added "news" updates inside homepage

9/01/00 - added insane and sane poll!
- Added message board!
- added tons of animations! wuhoo!

8/31/00 - fixed 'some' gramming/spellar errors :p
-fixed wella's nationality from 'filipino' to 'filipina' ahahaha! im an idiot! :)
-added "setting-up cacheman" guide

8/30/00 - added info - puShy & louella
-win98 tweak guide - available
-links - available
-downloads section - available
-Quake 3 Arena Tweaks Guide - available
-guestbook now available!

8/29/00 - 1st day of construction


*updates that were posted inside my "news" section are no longer included in this section.