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Top 10 Downloads



=5 Highly Recommended Softwares=

ACDSee 3.1

Still using Quicktime to view your picture files? Download this program now and I'm sure you're not going to use Quicktime's picture viewer again. This program display pictures in a fraction of a second, and it loads way much faster than quicktime. This latest version also includes a picture editor with some basic features (perfect substitute for Adobe Photoshop if you're not really a professional editor).

Media Player 7

This program plays almost any multimedia file! The latest version now has the ability to amplify music from audio-CD's, change skins, added playlist and more!

Rain 2.0

This is the program for overclockers (like me). This program automatically kicks in when your computer is idle and makes it run in a much more lower temperature. If you have an overclocked system and experiencing system lock-ups because of the excess heat your processor is producing, this 'might' fix your problem!

WinRAR 2.7

This is the perfect replacement for winzip! Just like winzip, winrar compresses/decompresses files. BUT, if you use winrar's own extension to compress your file (.rar) it's 5-15% smaller than using .zip as your extension.


Works just like Microsoft's "Tweak UI", only better. This software contains tons of plug-ins to enhance your windows experience. It doesn't only contain plug-ins to enhance how windows looks, but also plug-ins to speed up windows and tweak it in almost every way possible!

=5 Files for Q3A Gamers=

Cacheman 3.80

Limit's how much memory Window's will reserve for your disk cache and in return will give your games/softwares more memory to run with. It also reduces (if not totally remove) hard drive stutters. This is a must for gamers! (to learn more about cacheman, go to my "setting-up cacheman" section)

Q3A Speed Dll's 1.17

This version 1.17 dll's are said to be faster than Quake 3's default dll's. Performance gain depends on what system Quake3 is installed on, but there were guys who told me that they got 15fps gain with these dll's! Unluckily, I only got 1fps increase. You need Q3 ver 1.17 patch for these Dll's to actually work.

Tweak Q3A

This small file will let you disable rocket/grenade launcher smoke trails, ability to reduce explosion duration, and some other stuffs to give your fps some boosts. For "Tweak Q3A's" settings, check out my "tweaking Q3A" section.

LvL's Top Maps

Looking for the best custom maps ever created for Q3A? Click that link and get ready to download the best maps ranked by players!

=My Fave Map as of this Moment=

The Kristall Keep by Q-Fraggel
<click on the pic above to download>

this is where most of the action takes place when you're playing against bots!

this is a pic of Kristall Keep's digestive system! that 'thing' on the right is the small intestine, the one at the left is the large intestine, and the one in the middle is the "u know what" hole :)
<sorry I can't help it! I feel really corny today! ahaha!>


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