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Contact Pushy

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, requests link-up with my website, and/or juz wanna ask/know more about me? Email me!


=For important/urgent messages=
Send me a text message using this remote!

Type in your '128 characters' message on the blank space (that includes spaces). Then click "send" when you're done. A confirmation screen will be displayed for every successful message sent, then press the "back" button from the page (not the back button from your browser) to get back to my page.


***Only use my text messaging remote for your VERY important/urgent messages!

***Please make sure that your message won't exceed the 128 characters limit. Because if it does, I won't be able to read your entire message, only the first 128 characters. So please keep your message as short as you can, because you could always send me another text message to resume your message (if it's quite long).

**Please be informed that the first time you're goin to send me a text message, u have to wait for the program to completely load (all the graphics should be showing) before clicking the "send" button. Because if not, ur goin to receive an error message. BUT the 2nd time your going to send me a message, u need not to wait no more. I think Quios juz did that to make sure the visitors will view their ads before using the remote.

**Don't forget when sending me text messages to include your email address and name if you want me to reply.

*There is no assurance that the message you're going to send me will be received by my celfone. Usually, message sent using this remote is transferred to my celfone at more or less 1-30mins. If I haven't received your message after that amount of time, it is possible that I won't be able receive your message at all. I MIGHT be able to reply to you through your email (from my celfone) at about 15min or more after I received your message if I'm not busy.