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Unlike the other forums that you might already have visited before, "the pushy forum" is a "moderated" forum, which means you have to follow some of my rules if you don't want your butt to be kicked ;) naaah ... juz kiddin!

-No spamming: posting tons of useless stuffs juz to grab attention or to increase his/her rank ... it's gay!

-No posting of nude or any freakshow pics!

-Warez or any other illegal stuffs are not allowed to be discussed inside my forum!

-advertising of other sites for promotional purposes are also not allowed. Unless it's ur own website :)

-Can't think of any other stuffs ... oh ... no fags allowed ... and no farting while the board is in session ... dig it?!!

To Join:

To join/participate inside my message board, you must first register yourself with a nick and password of your choice.

Unregistered Users: Click the button below and register by clicking on the "register" button on the upper right portion of the page. After registering you will be given the entire list of available forum category, select "anything and everything" and select "the pushy forum" to enter my site!

Registered Users: simply hit the button below and start posting!



-For registered users: I recommend that you bookmark my message board or use this
address ---> so you do not have to go back to this page everytime you want to enter my forum. Tnx for registering!