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Pushy's PC Games

Here's the list of games that I am currently playing with my PC!


skinny mutha ship

Look at that skinny motha ship! ahahaha!
<command ship changes its look depending on the amount of upgrade/equipments it's carrying>


Worker: which one of u big boys wants this piece of crystal hah?


The agony of defeat! Awwww!
<command ship saying bye bye!>

(screenshots at 1024x768x32 res.)

=Quake 3 Arena=


"Razor" slightly dodging a rocket explosion!
(This is the skin/model I use when playing Q3)


No my graphics isn't messed up in this pic! This guy is called "Gorre", he's supposed to look like what his name implies.


"Doom" with a rocket launcher looking for his next victim!

(screenshots at 960x720x16 res.)

=Need For Speed 4=
High Stakes

porsche 911 turbo

This game has got details and lots of it! Dry leaves flew around when my car passed over it.

click here to d/l pushy's Hometown replay (pic shown above)

car menu

Aaah! This is what the car menu looks like.

ferrari 360 modena

Now, the HUD ... Ferrari 360 Modena
(night driving)

(screenshots at 1152x864x16 res.)

Coming Soon:

Quake 3 - Team Arena
NBA Live 2001
NHL 2001


***Pics are a bit more pixelated and washed-out because of jpeg compression.

**All pics were taken with my current system specs, w/c can be seen in any of my tweaking guides section.

*If my replay file link/s are broken, please inform/contact me!