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DS Recommendations

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Screen Protector and Crystal Casing: Pretty cheap and should be one of the first things that you should purchase for your DS. Since scratching and/or permanently damaging your device is never a good thing.
Pouch / Leather Case: The reason for purchasing one is pretty self explanatory. The problem with having a crystal case however is sometimes that will prevent you from purchasing a hard-cover type of pouch since most of them are made to cradle the exact dimension of the device w/o the extra bulk of the crystal case.
Wrist strap: Not a necessity since some versions already comes in with one. If yours (like mine) didn't have one with the package ... purchasing one might be a good idea to avoid accidentally dropping the device while carrying it around or even while playing with it.
Extendable stylus: I purchased one and although at first it may not sound like a big of a deal, having a slightly longer stylus makes prolonged gaming easier on your hands.

R4/M3: This should have been part of the NDS package in my opinion. Being able to take with you all of your games on a single Micro SD, being able to download 3rd party softwares like mp3 player, video player, photo editors/viewers, organizers, ebook viewers, etc is something that will make you more than twice as happy that you purchased the NDS.



Action Titles: 

  • Brothers In Arms
  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
  • Contra 4
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Dementium: The Ward
  • Metroid Prime Hunters

Dementium: The Ward

Elite Beat Agents

Sports / Racing:

  • Fifa 08
  • NFL 08
  • Tiger Woods 08
  • WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2008
  • Need for Speed: Pro Street
  • Mario Kart
  • Mario Slam Basketball

Adventure / RPG:

  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Sonic Rush Adventure
  • Pokemon (series)
  • Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
  • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Mario 64
  • Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble


  • Meteos
  • Brain Age 2
  • Flash Focus
  • Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Elite-Beat Agents
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids 2


  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  • Bleach

Virtual Life:

  • The Sims 2: Castaway
  • Nintendogs

Strategy / Others:

  • Phoenix Wright (series)
  • Nanostray
  • Star Fox Commander
  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike
  • LifeSigns: Surgical Unit
  • Hotel Dusk - Room 215


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