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SE K700i (page 3)

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Well Page 3 of this review adopts the tweaking nature of my website ... or something like that lol! I'll start off with Theme creation and downloads. I have downloaded a theme creator and I was able to use my noob photo editing skills to the test and created some themes that I want to share with u guys. You can request to have them sent to ur email addy, just sign my guestbook ... give me a bit of comment with my website (I just don't want my GB to look like a request form) and leave ur email addy there. But before u request let me give u guys some screenshots on how they look like. I have created a Red, Green, Blue, and Orange theme using different fictional videogame and movie characters.

Hitman / Agent 47

Click for a larger image

Need For Speed Underground 2

Click for a larger image

Mortal Kombat Deception / Subzero

Click for a larger image

Batman Beginning

Click for a larger image

A couple of things that u may want to read before requesting for some of the themes:
-My Operator Logo is only composed of 5 and 3 letters (not at the same time cause I have 2 network operators ... don't ask me why though). U may experience problems with ur operator logo overlapping the characters face especially with the Subzero theme if u have a lengthy op logo.
-File size is 2-3 times larger than regular themes (around 350kb) due to high quality and minimally compressed jpegs.
-All four themes have an additional icon on the right side of the highlight (w/ the exception of the big highlight). There's a couple of bullets for Hitman, a star shaped ice for Subzero, a speedometer for NFSU 2, and the Batman logo for Batman Beginning.
-Color flow goes smoothly thru the entire theme. Some minor color adjustments has to be done on some occassions so as not to sacrifice too much on screen readability.
-Picture detail and font saturation slightly differ when viewed on the phone itself.
-All highlights have at least 35% and a max of 70% opacity level.
-Non of the themes have animation nor fancy looking buttons (since I'm not photo editing wiz).
Now if u want to create ur own themes, u can start off by downloading the Theme Creator here:

Sony-Ericsson Theme Creator Download

Now if u don't have a clue how to use the program, how to chop ur pics, or how to create those transparent highlights ... I found this neat tutorial that u guys can use:

K700i Theme Creation Tutorial (pdf)

If u want to get ur hands dirty on some other websites that offers free theme downloads, u can check the websites below. And if u try ur luck with google, u may find other websites or forums wherein there are folks that posts their own theme creation for free!
Games and Apps:
If u want to download free games and apps, website is my one stop shop. If u know any other websites that offers free apps and games dl, please do inform me, thanks!
I have already mentioned sound quality related issues on my previous page. But if ur looking for a neat software that can do all the conversion easily for u, try dbpoweramp. U can download it at 
Firmware / Info:
All the shortcut keys that I know (except for the firmware version display that can be accessed by  >*<<*<* ... in other words its: Joystick Right, Star, Left, Left, Star, Left, Star are already posted on pages 1 and 2. Features, shortcut keys, performance etc may slightly differ depending on the firmware version that the phone uses. For more info on different firmware versions, visit these websites:
Bdway I'm using version: R2AY004 (released around May of '05)
Animated Themes / Caller ID:
Creating animated GIF's will be a lot easier if u have the right tool for the job. I'm used to Ulead's interface since I've experimented with some of their other video editing softwares before so for GIF animation I'm using their GIF Animation software. Its a pretty good software, easy to use but a bit short with their built-in animation IMO.
Anyway, if ur going to use animated wallpaper for ur themes, all u have to do is gather urself a couple of pictures, resize it to 176x176res, and use the software to animate it for u. U can also use the software to use frames from videos and turn it into animated GIFs w/c is extremely cool!
Now pretty much the same goes with phonebook pictures, the only difference is that the size for the texter and caller pop-up picture size is not documented. However, I experimented and found out that the text pop-up picture size is 152x146. Any picture bigger than that will force the phone to resize it for u w/c will cause jagged lines and/or pixelation. However if the picture size is smaller, the phone will not resize/enlarge it for u, u will just basically end up with a small pop-up picture. For pop-up picture when making and receiving calls, the height is a bit smaller because of the progress bar on the lower portion of the pop-up window. The width AFAIK remains the same. I haven't discovered the exact size myself since I text more than I call, so I opt to have the correct size for the text pop-up picture than the smaller call ID pic.
Animated pictures for themes may lag or not run as it would on ur PC. Its ok since u cannot expect a cellphone to have the same processing power as ur computer (unless its jurassic). For animated caller ID pictures, if u for example have 1sec space for the first animation to kick in, expect it to be processed 2-3sec later. And when ur trying to make a call, the first few seconds may lag because the phone is busy doing numerous things at a time.
If ur looking for quality, its best to stick with JPEG's than animated GIF's. Be informed that GIF's have a max of 256 colors. That's the price that u have to pay for having cool animated pictures ... it may not be all that obvious for animated or cartoon pics, but for photos its going to be noticeable 90% of the time. To minimize the pic quality degration, use a prof photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop (use "Local" setting) to directly convert the picture to GIF rather than letting Ulead (for ex) convert it for u. The difference should be noticeable but not night and day.
Having animated pictures of ur friends looks really cool especially when ur having a call since the phone continously display the picture while ur on call. So its like talking to them directly w/o 3G ... or something bwehehe!

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