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Nascar Racing 4 Tweaking

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It's really not part of my plan to include a Nascar Racing 4 tweaking guide b'coz the game isn't as popular as the other 2 games I have here (Q3 and UT). Nascar owners know that the game's engine is slow and buggy right? It crashes/freezes, the GUI sometimes get corrupted, the game stutters and runs out of memory for textures and u find urself racing against the papyrus default cars b'coz the game didn't detect ur cards memory properly etc etc!

Well guess what?! I have juz the guide to fix those probs and more! That's what pushed me to create this tweaking guide. Enjoy!

**This guide will only tackle tweaking Nascar 4 in "OpenGL" mode.


This tweaking guide will always recommend two different settings depending on how desperate you are in gaining performance:

Level 1 - for systems who are near or slightly past the recommended system specs of PIII 500mhz, 128mb RAM, 32mb 3d card.

Level 2 - for systems who are near or at the minimum requirements of PII 266mhz, 64mb RAM, 12mb 3d card.

*Hit "F" while playing the game to enable the "fps gauge". The gauge should read 30 or more most of the time, but with Nascar 20-25fps still looks okay, u will hardly notice the game skipping.

=Configure 3d Graphics=

**Go to start>programs menu and head to Nascar "Configure 3d Graphics"

-Select "OpenGL" as ur renderer and click next
-For ur graphics mode:

Level 1: Select 1024x768x16
Level 2: Select 800x600x16 or 640x480 (if needed)
**I don't recommend using 32bit since the game doesn't look all that bad at 16bit.

-Do not put tick marks on both "run in a window" and "use software cursor".

=Graphics Tweaking=

**Run the game and go to the options menu

[Graphics Tab]

Car Detail:
Level 1: High (or Medium if u can't see the diff in quality)
Level 2: Medium

Left=High - Center=Medium - Right=Low

World Detail Level:
Read the "Player.ini" File Tweaking below

Drawing Distance:
Level 1: anywhere between 35-50
Level 2: 15 (if ur desperate) or 20-30

Left=High - Right=Low

-In mirror:
Level 1 and 2: I recommend a setting of 0 b'coz u only need to see the road and the cars behind u right? Displaying other objects like the walls, crowd etc is a waste of fps and is really useless.

Maximum Opponents Drawn:
Level 1: anywhere between 11-15
Level 2: 7 (if ur desperate for performance) or 8-10

-In mirror:
Level 1: anywhere between 4-5
Level 2: 1 (if u only care about the car nearest u) or 2-3

Mirror Objects:
Level 1 and 2: I recommend using only "medium" since having more detail on the cars reflection on the mirror is just a waste of fps and is at the same time useless.

Trackside Objects:
Level 1: All
Level 2: Some

Level 1 and 2: Enabled

Level 1: Enabled
Level 2: Disabled (enable if ur system can handle it)

-Shadows and Specular Highlights:
Level 1 and 2: I recommend that u disable them both since they will only pull ur fps down and it's really not a big loss in graphics quality. Its just a boxy looking shadow and some additional lighting effects anyway.

Level 1 and 2: Enable

-Dirt, Dust, Smoke and Skid Marks:
Level 1: Enable
Level 2: Enable (disable if ur having slowdowns when they show up on screen)

[Sound Tab]

Hardware Options:

-Driver and 3d Sound:
Level 1 and 2: I recommend using only "DirectSound" and 3d Sound disabled for better performance. But if u have a 3d sound card and performance doesn't get affected much by enabling its 3d capabilities, then enable 3d Sound and select whether ur card uses A3d or EAX.

Maximum Sounds Played:
Level 1 and 2: I recommend using only 8 for better performance

=Player.ini Tweaking=

**Go into ur Nascar 4 directory and open the players folder, open the next folder inside with ur name on it and open the "player.ini" file

[Graphic Options]

Level 1: anywhere between 45-60
Level 2: 65 (or higher)

**Note that the higher value u give this line, the better performance u'll get at the expense of lower 'track' detail. I HIGHLY recommend using 55 for best trade off between performance and 'world' graphics detail.
*This line is the same as the "World Detail Level" option inside the game. But adjusting it here will give u a more prescise setting.

*Exit and save changes

Left=High - Right=Low

=Core.ini Tweaking=

**Proceed inside ur Nascar directory and open Core.ini


Level 1: give it a value of 1
Level 2: give it a value of 0 to slightly increase performance. If u notice ur sound decreased in quality or have troubles after disabling it, just re-enable it again.

Level 1 and 2: give it a value of 0 (unless u enabled 3d sound inside the game)

*Exit and save changes

=RendOGL.ini Tweaking=

**Proceed to ur Nascar 4 directory and open RendOGL.ini

*This is where u can really give ur game a huge boost in terms of stability! The settings I'm going to give here will fix (it did work for me) the GUI corruption, game stutters, crashing/freezing, and the use of papyrus's default cars b'coz ur card ran out of memory for textures.

Level 1 and 2: Set this to 0

*Use the value which fits ur vidcards memory:

-64mb cards: 56623104 OR use Nascar's default value
-32mb cards: 30408704 OR 29360128
-16mb cards: 14680064 OR 13631488
-12mb cards: 11534336 OR 10485760

**Try the first value, and if ur still having probs, try the next one.

Level 1 and 2: 9985 (equivalent to bilinear <Set to 9987 for trilinear if ur system can handle it>)

Level 1 and 2: 9729 (bilinear <no trilinear option for this one>)

*Exit and save changes

Last Updated: 072301
=Closed to future updates=


***Always remember that I will not be held responsible in any way if this tweaking guide will cause your game any problems. TWEAK AT YOUR OWN RISK!

**What do you think about my Nascar Racing 4 tweak guide? Please sign my guestbook before leaving, it's the least you can do to thank me, and the only way for me to know that someone did visit my site!

**Any comments, suggestion, corrections, and/or ADDITIONS will be accepted and greatly appreciated (don't worry, you will get all the credit for any additional tweaks that you're going to give me).

*Email me if u have any other comments, questions, and/or suggestions. Tnx!